bg-3 Seattle Camp – Day 1 (and no rain yet!)

Seattle Camp – Day 1 (and no rain yet!)

Our final camp of the summer began today in Seattle, WA. The sun was shining as our campers made their way to Emerson Hall at SPU to check in and begin to meet their fellow campers. Once we had checked them all in we made our way down to the Seattle Rowing Center where the campers met their coaches and took part in the initial assessment.

The Welcome Talk was led by former US National Team coxswain Marcus McElhenney. He explained our goals for the camp (learning more about rowing/coxing, gaining new skills and knowledge in the sport, taking lots of notes, having fun, etc.) and let the coaches introduce themselves. Apparently, they didn’t pay enough attention because when they were quizzed on the names of the coaches later that evening during our ice cream social, it took them several tries to get them all. Luckily, they have a few more days to lock them down.



After introductions the campers were split into male rowers, female rowers, and coxswains to discuss their camp goals one on one with a coach and also for the coaches to perform an initial assessment of the campers.



While campers were waiting to have their goals talk, Anderson Bourrell, our recovery specialist went around and helped them with techniques to help keep their muscles loose. A highlight at camp, Anderson’s talks and activities help rowers understand their bodies better and what they need to do to take better care of themselves and perform at a higher level.

Once the assessment was complete, it was time for pizza, ice breakers, and, most important, ice cream!

Our counselors, Phillip and Rachel, did an awesome job of helping the campers get to know each other, going from simple introductions, to interactive songs, to discussing things they had in common. After the ice breakers the campers had a quick talk about camp expectations and important things to remember. In order to get ice cream they had to answer a trivia question from something they had learned that day. This is when we learned they weren’t fully aware of every coach’s name…

After having our fill of ice cream, we walked everyone back up to the dorms to get cleaned up and relax in preparation for tomorrow’s full day of practice. We hope the weather stays clear and are excited to see how they handle being on the water!

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