bg-3 Settling


By Ryan Sparks · January, 2013

It takes a practice or two to find camp rhythm. The kids settled into their double row this morning, rest, and a final row this afternoon well. The advanced nature of our camp begins to present itself in our use of small boats like pairs, the volume of the training regime, and the information we begin to cover.

Meanwhile, the staff honestly feels the kids are getting along well and overall that this group is a ‘good’ group on the whole of seriously and earnestly interested kids. We’re thankful for this, and believe it will serve to allow camp to push and inspire the kids a bit further — which is a nice touch to an already special environment.

In the short clip below, Marcus McElhenney, bronze medal USA M8+’s Olympic coxswain, runs a small group of coxswains through the intricacies of rigging the oarlock and the placement of the pin’s relationship with the physical load placed on the athletes by the lever of the oar.


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