bg-3 Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 2

Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 2

by Patrick Rufo

Athletes completed their assessments this morning. It was a long morning, but everyone kept their energy up and pushed each other through the workout. Comments included “this is different!” and “I am not used to focusing on a number besides my 2k split.”  Athletes were told to set the monitor to show WATTS instead of average split. This gave the athletes a chance to focus on technique because they didn’t know what split they were pulling.

The initial assessment measures each rower in their ability as an athlete and not just as a rower. We have a very diverse group of campers who have different athletic backgrounds besides rowing. This allows them to display certain strengths that will actually help them in rowing.

In our first full lecture we discussed aerobic and anaerobic training. Athletes were given an “Aerobic Worksheet,” which gave them different Heart Rate and Erg Split Ranges to focus on. After lunch, athletes were given their FMS results and corrective exercises! We spent the next hour going over these exercises as well as “Myofascial Release” or Foam Rolling. Athletes used foam rolling to loosen up and massage tight muscles, and to free up their range of motion.  The FMS exercises and foam rolling will be something the athletes will need to continue after camp.

We finished the afternoon with some “BURSTS” or very short pieces (less than 200 meters). Athletes partnered off and worked on finding their TOP SPEED (not 2k speed). The energy in the room was good and everyone was loud with motivation.

Athletes returned to the dorms to catch one of the World Cup Games and then we finished the evening with another lecture on Prioritizing Goals and aerobic and anaerobic training.

Athletes have also begun meeting with me for their “One-On-One” Goal Sessions. I’ve been so far impressed with the quiet motivation and dedication of everyone.

“Deadlift Technique and Test”

“Foam Rolling Around and FMS Review”

“Athlete Bursts!”

“Do you know YOUR top speed?”

“How many can you do?”

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