bg-3 Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Conshohocken, PA – Final Day

Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Conshohocken, PA – Final Day

Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Conshohocken, PA – Final Day

Final Day

This morning was the final day of Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology Camp 2015. Athletes were able to sleep in a little longer again. On this day, we revisited some of the tests the athlete’s performed at the beginning of the week.

Full FMS Screen - Revisited

Full FMS Screen – Revisited

For starters, Coach Rufo performed the Full Functional Movement Screen without allowing them to Foam Roll or go through their warm up routine. The average improvement on the athletes’ FMS Score was 5 or 6 out of a possible 21 points! This is how much athletes were able to improve their mobility, stability, and flexibility in one week! Coach Rufo then allowed each athlete to work on the areas that prevent them from moving better, stabilizing, or reaching their full range of motion. Most athletes improved by another 1 point!

Did it make a difference? Sometimes the data isn’t most apparent:


Sometimes “telling” a rower to correct their technique on the rowing machine or water does not work. It is up to coaches to dig a little deeper.

Vesper Test and Max Watt Test – Revisited

Average improvement on the Vesper Test from Day 1: 40 – 50 watts.

While collecting data, you must be prepared to see that the athlete is familiar with the test and therefore will try harder. However, in this case, there was a a significant difference in how much more consistent most of the athletes were during the test. In driving as hard as they could, athletes were able to keep their form longer to insure that they could stay on the pressure for the 10-15 strokes.

For the Max Wattage Test, which was 1 min long, the average improvement was 20-30 watts.

Athletes were able to increase their anaerobic capacity range as well as drop their average 1 or 2 splits.

Conclusion and Closing Statements

What does all this mean? The important thing is to see that athletes were able to learn new training methods and training modalities to help them improve their 2k time. It shows that only focusing on the 2k score may prevent athletes from improving other aspects of their athletic profile, namely mobility, stability, flexibility, strength, and posture.

By shifting the training focus to the components that the athlete does not usually focus on, it opens up new possibilities and new potential.

Following testing, athletes were given a 6 week training plan for the summer, which will allow them to improve on a test of their choosing. Athletes will be able to use Sparks Consulting as a resource for both training and College recruiting.

In conclusion, Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology 2015 was a huge success. The athletes were engaged and used their information to help improve themselves. For these athletes, this camp is the first stepping stone for them to achieve their rowing goals, as well as find success on the ergometer.

Thank you Class of 2015!

“Go FOR IT!”

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