bg-3 Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 3

Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 3

Day 3 began with a little ANIMAL FLOW! Athletes took the time to practice their FMS exercises and work on what was tight and what was weak. After their FMS exercises, athletes were taught the ABC’s of Animal Flow. As they were taken through the body weight movements their bodies began adjusting and adapting. Following this workout, athletes hopped on the ergometers and worked on figuring out their Steady State Splits. This was challenging because many athletes had not tried to go “slower” in practice before.

After breakfast, athletes reviewed and practiced their Deadlift technique. The Deadlift is the one of the core lifts that all athletes should learn before college. Campers worked on their technique, and worked on coaching each other in groups. Teaching a movement reinforces good¬† posture and allows an athlete to “own” a movement.

During lunch, we began discussing nutrition, and how protein is very important to all athletes. We talked about how much protein everyone was really getting in their current daily nutrition.

The afternoon and evening were broken up into two lectures: Racing/Erg Testing Strategy and Nutrition.

Tomorrow we finish up Nutrition and move forward to Strength and Conditioning.

“Practicing Crab Position”

“Practicing Ape Position”

“What race plan works for you?”

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