bg-3 Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 5

Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 5

Campers had a much needed rest this morning. Following breakfast, campers headed over to attend a lecture on “Toughness”, and mental block to being successful. Campers put together another workout plan on their own based on the plan they created the day before. After this they attended a demonstration of Explosive Lifts. Coach Rufo demonstrated how to use PVC Pipe to work on lifting technique and address mobility. The session wrapped up with a lecture on the pro’s and con’s of CrossFit, as athletes need to be careful when getting into lifting and strength training. “Always do your research on any personal trainer or strength coach you are working with. Don’t choose any CrossFit Box or strength training facility.”

In the afternoon, went over the Turkish Get Up Again, and it was good to see improvements in technique. Campers were very good at providing verbal cues and “coaching” each other. Coach Nich Parker and Coach Rufo bantered back and forth about rowing technique and connecting it to the Dead Lift. Campers had to try to “teach” Coach Rufo how to row by try to correct his posture faults. Coach Rufo demonstrated the Press and breathing technique as well as the Pull including the Bent Over Row and the Pull Up. Coach Parker’s breakdown of the Pull Up was brilliant and campers were privileged to be a part of that discussion.

Following dinner, campers attended a lecture on “How do I Self-Sabotage?” and listed examples of how athletes will “mess up” their race or erg test by allowing things out of their control to prevent them from succeeding. Some things included – equipment issues, missing the start of the race, forgetting to pack the write clothes, underestimating your opponent (thinking about the final before the heat), etc. Lecture closed with “Two People you should NOT speak too before a Race or Erg Test.”

Tomorrow is our last full day, and we will be covering how to read and create a Training Plan.


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