bg-3 Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 6

Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 6

Day 6 began again with an early morning session. Campers used the time to fully recover from the week, as well as work on their functional movement patterns. Coach Rufo demonstrated Indian Clubs, which are a tool used for shoulder mobility and stability. Indian Clubs were used in US gymnasiums of the past, where the focus was more on physical fitness to prepare for the military. A lost art that is now making a comeback within the fitness community. Coach Rufo also demonstrated the Kettlebell Swing which is another great compliment to rowing as it allows rowers to train to be explosive, but is safe and portable. Campers will be asked to practice the movement at home, and submit video to Sparks, before being cleared for training.

The afternoon session after lunch was “Create a Training Week”. Campers were broke into groups, and ask to create a training program for two rowers who had certain goals and issues. This was a great mental session, and were were impressed with the workout programs that everyone created. Following this week, campers will receive their own training template to work with, and feedback and follow up will be next step. We are trying to “Empower” your rower/sculler to take control of his/her training.

After this mental session, it was time for some fun. We were back outside for some old fashioned MovNat. “Capture the Flag” was the name of the game, and campers took the opportunity to stretch out, relax, and have some fun (all at 120 – 140 Heart Rate!). Coach Rufo even gotten involved, and realized that its  better to be caught than try to play chicken with a piece of shrubbery!

“Create a Training Week”

“Create a Training Week 2”


“Wait this is a workout?”

“Are we playing a game or working on Thoracic Spine Mobilization?”

“Trying to get out of Jail or Axial Rolling?”



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