bg-3 Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Final Day

Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Final Day

Today campers went through their final assessments. It was time to test their knowledge in using different training techniques to prepare for the final test. At the beginning of camp, campers did not know what to expect. On the final day, they knew exactly what they would be tested on; it was up to them to both physically and mentally prepare. The results speak for themselves. FMS scores all improved with simple exercises performed every session. Campers became more mobile, stable, and flexible. This allowed them to push themselves more on the tests they did not perform as well at the beginning of camp. Having the confidence knowing what and when the test was also helped campers pace themselves.

The campers that saw less improvement were the more experienced campers. This was because in improving a new aspect of their overall fitness, their strengths stumbled a bit. However, the improvement in the weaker areas matched those of the less experienced campers. This demonstrates the importance of balancing your training, as you cannot just focus on one single training protocol.

The learning does not stop here. Although campers went their separate ways, the training has just begun. Armed with new knowledge and training techniques, we at Sparks, plan to stay in tough with campers and hold them accountable for what they learned. A training plan will be sent out this week for athletes to adapt and modify to their needs. We would like to hear about any results as the summer comes to an end.

This was a great group of motivated rowers/scullers. We at Sparks look forward to being a part of the next step.

Coach Rufo, Coach Meyer, and Coach Parker


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