bg-3 Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology  – Day 1

Sparks Advanced Training and Physiology – Day 1

by Patrick Rufo

Camp kicked off on time and on schedule today! Almost all the athletes arrived early, and we quickly made our trek to the Marcellus Hartley Dodge Physical Fitness Center. All of camp’s workouts and lectures will be held in the same training space where all the Columbia Rowing Teams train during the school year. Campers¬†will have access to top of the line equipment and use the same ergometers that all the teams use.

Each athlete began camp with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), followed by a Primal Move workout to train their mobility. Athletes agreed that the workout helped improve their posture. The session ended with an erg workout where we discussed and worked on our “Force Curves” and different ways to apply power in the rowing stroke. Tomorrow morning, athletes will finish up their full Assessments, and start working toward their small camp goals which was the topic of the first evening lecture. Early to bed for athletes anxious to perform well!

FMS Screen

Primal Move – “Move well and Move Often…”

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