bg-3 Sparks at Wesleyan 2016 – Week 1 – Day 3

Sparks at Wesleyan 2016 – Week 1 – Day 3

The heat is on…


The week is going by fast! Athlete have settled into the rhythm of camp. Each morning they arrive at the Macomber Boathouse. Athletes are required to bring oars and equipment down to the water, as well as the coaching launches which are stored in the boathouse. After that, they do a team dynamic warm up in front of the boathouse which consists of running, drills, mobility, and stretching.

Yesterday, warm up was indoors, as to keep athletes out of the sun. Gotta love the summer!

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Athletes, coxswains, and coaches continued the theme of goal setting and reviewing goals before and after each practice. This time is important because it allows athletes and coxswains to share the goals and results for each practice as well for the week. Being able to verbalize this to a coach and in front of teammates allows an athlete or coxswain to be more confident in their goals as well as receive feedback to allow them to refine them.

Athletes have been working in mixed line ups as well to prepare for RACE Day at the end of the week. In the afternoons, athletes and coxswains have the option to meet with coaches one-on-one to review their goals, as well as talk and ask questions about college recruiting which is offered at all Sparks Camps. On Wednesday evening, upperclassmen attended a talk about “What do I want?” to start thinking about what is most important in selecting a college – rowing, academic major, financial support, student body culture, etc. This talk was to help them prepare for the Coaches’ Panel on Thursday evening. Underclassmen attended a “Why do I Row?” talk to start thinking about why they chose rowing as a sport and what they may do with it.

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On Thursday night, we held our Coaches’ Panel in the Hansel Auditorium. It was an opportunity for upperclassmen and underclassmen to ask our collegiate coaches how to maneuver the recruiting process. It was a lively discussion, and athletes learned the do’s and don’t’s of recruiting. After Coaches’ Panel athletes learned “terms and conditions” for RACE Day on Saturday. Athletes were excited, and more will be revealed by coaches this morning…


Stay tuned!

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