bg-3 Sparks at Wesleyan 2016 – Week 1 – Final Day

Sparks at Wesleyan 2016 – Week 1 – Final Day

Friday – Own Your Goals


On Friday, got an early start and learned what “teams” they would be on for the final RACE DAY. The challenge athletes and coxswains have with a 5 days camp is learning how to row with one another in a short amount of time. Coaches put together even line ups for the final RACE DAY on Thursday evening, and athletes and coxswains were able to practice in these line ups on Friday morning.

The afternoon schedule was adjusted to account for the rising temperatures, and athletes and coxswains were treated to listening to Coach Michiel Bartman share his Olympic journey. Following this talk, athletes and coxswains split into their boats to create their racing uniforms. A fun and interesting experiment to see which group could develop a team concept and cohesion early, and would it carry over into the final regatta on Saturday. Some groups came up with a concept early, while others took their time to create something that reflected all the goals of the group.

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In the evening, athletes and coxswains could choose between two Coaches’ talks. Coach Kate Maloney talked about “Owning the Start” and discussed how athletes and coxswains can be aggressive at the start without blowing up their whole race plan. Coach Wendy Wilbur discussed strategies to “Mastering the 2k”, and shared her story on how she was able to pull a personal best at the C.R.A.S.H.B’s in Boston, MA.

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Final Day – RACE DAY!

On Saturday, athletes and coxswains walked down to the Macomber Boathouse for the final practice of camp. All coxswains would be rotated, and would be able to race during the mini-regatta. Athletes split into their teams, donning their “uniforms” and met with their assigned coaches.

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Of course there was a camp photo, and the usual shenanigans and silliness took place.

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In the end, it was the team of “Big Words” coached by Coach Michiel Bartman that came out on top during the mini-regatta. It must have been the “headbands”.


Week 1 went exceptionally well! It was a great group of athletes and coxswains, and we at Sparks look forward to hearing how athletes and coxswains improve over the rest of the summer. Many athletes succeeded in establishing realistic goals, both in rowing and their future academic choices.

On to Week 2!



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