bg-3 Sparks at Wesleyan 2016 – Week II – Day 1

Sparks at Wesleyan 2016 – Week II – Day 1

We Begin Again!

Week II -

Week II – “Opening Talk”

We’re Back! Week 2 of our Sparks Camp at Wesleyan has begun, and we have a new group of athletes and coxswains to work with. With new coaches on staff this week, we are looking forward to a different dynamic. Coach Kevin MacDermott began the afternoon with our “Welcome Talk”, and then athletes and coxswains were split off into groups to start the “goal setting” process.


“Goal Setting – Men’s Team”


“Goal Setting – Women’s Team”



“Goal Setting – Coxswains”

The Men’s Team traveled down to the Macomber Boathouse, and went through their initial assessment. We are fortunate to have Coach Anderson Bourell on staff this week, who will be working with the athletes and coxswains on “recovery” this week. Following the Men’s Assessment, Coach Bourell was there to make sure the athlete’s were cool by distributing ice bags.

At the Freeman Athletic Center, the Women’s Team paired off and did their assessment. Coach Patrick Tynan and Coach Tessa Spillane paired athletes together to have the women give each other feedback. This created an interesting learning experience, as athletes were getting technical perspective from their peers.

Following the assessments, athletes and coxswains trekked to the Usdan Dining Commons for dinner.

“Macomber Boathouse – Men’s Assessment”


“Freeman Athletic Center – Peer Feedback”


“Trek to Usdan”

Ice Cream Social

In the evening, athletes and coxswains were able to shower and settle in to prepare for our traditional Ice Cream Social. Instead of an icebreaker this week, Coach Anderson Bourell gave an interactive lecture to teach the athletes and coxswains how to explore their mobility with techniques to “prepare” their bodies for practice and competition the night before. There is much research being done that preparation for physical activity must be done earlier and integrated into an athlete’s daily routine. Following this exercise, athletes were “woken up” and ready to enjoy a cool treat this evening.


“Ice Cream Social – Exploring Mobility”


“Ice Cream Social – Coach Anderson Bourell”


“Ice Cream Social – Cooling Off”

“Ice Cream Social – Getting to know the ‘Team'”

Looking forward to the rest of this week. Athletes and coxswains will be on the water tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for more this week!



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