bg-3 Sparks Camp Seattle 2015 – Day 2

Sparks Camp Seattle 2015 – Day 2

It’s hard to believe three practices are already in the book!  Campers got off to a quick start, jumping in boats and heading out on the water for their first full day of practices.  Coaches used the skill evaluations from yesterday’s afternoon session to craft technical plans for each practice.  “It was really great to see how enthusiastic all the rowers were,” Coach Megan said.  “They hit the water eager to make changes.”  Coach Andrew and Coach Nich emphasized a mix of sculling and sweep rowing with the boys, while the girls worked in eights and fours with Coach Megan and Coach Corrie.  Line-up, coaching and coxswain changes during the second session of the day increased everyone’s learning curve as rowers adjusted to varied voices.

The novices also saw improvements, developing their rowing technique on the ergs before going out on the water for the first time in the afternoon.  As any rower can attest, the first day in a boat can be one of the more exciting and nerve-wracking experiences a rower has.  Coach David was excited about their work on the water and proud of how they handled their first water practice.

The day’s events culminated in recruiting talks run by Coach Marcus and Coach Christina.  Coaches split the group into freshmen/sophomores and juniors/seniors to discuss recruiting and academic timelines for each age group.  Both coaches remained on hand following the talk to field questions from curious campers.





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