bg-3 Sparks Camp Seattle 2015 – Day 3

Sparks Camp Seattle 2015 – Day 3

It’s hard to believe we’re more than halfway through camp!  Training continued in earnest as campers and coaches hit the water for two sessions, relentless–as rowers are–in the pursuit of perfection.  Vince Lombardi said it best: “The will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win.”  The level of dedication and engagement on the part of the campers remains high as we move through the middle of the training week.  Coach Marcus’s midday breakdowns with the coxswains between practices allowed them to learn from their morning row before heading back into the boat in the afternoon.  Similarly, rowers were able to make use of the downtime between practices to meet with coaches one on one, gaining new insights into rowing and their own abilities before launching in the afternoon.

The evening culminated in a coaches’ panel to discuss men’s and women’s recruiting as well as the the differences between DI, II, III and club rowing for both genders.  Coaches fielded a variety of questions from NCAA timelines and paperwork to determining admission standards.  Campers were also given advice on how to initiate conversations with coaches, how to keep the conversation going and the do’s and don’ts of correspondence.  The takeaway message from the coaches centered on finding the best fit for the individual athlete.

So far it has been a productive week for the campers, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s opportunities to improve.  In their decision to come to camp, experience new coaching styles and voices, and experiment with their own rowing, the campers have put Lombardi’s words into action.


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