bg-3 Sparks Camp Seattle 2015 – Day 4

Sparks Camp Seattle 2015 – Day 4

It was another great day on the water for the rowers as they continued their work.  Here are some photos highlighting both the rowing and the Seattle Rowing Center boathouse.  Photo details: 1. One of our boys’ boats heading back to the dock after their row. 2. One of the girls’ eights rowing by the iconic Conibear Boathouse. 3. Another image of our girls’ eight. 4. The main bay of the Seattle Rowing Center.

The evening seminar was received with laughter and applause as Coach Marcus detailed his Olympic story, regaling the campers with his path to the medals stand with the USA Men’s Beijing Eight.  Marcus’s story highlights the dedication required to achieve at a high level, the commitment to a future goal in lieu of present desires, and emphasizes the importance of accepting failure as an opportunity to make positive change.






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