bg-3 Sparks Camp Seattle 2015 – Day 5 – RACE DAY!!

Sparks Camp Seattle 2015 – Day 5 – RACE DAY!!

Following a week of training with Sparks Coaches, campers took to the water this morning for a number of race pieces.  Coxswains met with rowers in the dorms last night, breaking down race plans and strategizing for the coming pieces.  Racing was intense as rowers and coxswains showcased the culmination of their knowledge from the week.  It was another successful week, and we look forward to seeing you in Seattle again next year or at any of our other Sparks Camps locations!  Fast boats!

Photo details: 1. Seattle Camp group photo. 2. The boys’ eight racing. 3. The girls’ eight racing. 4. The two girls’ fours. 5. The boys’ eight racing the boys’ quad. 6. Our boys’ eight discussing last minute race details with Coach Nich. 7. Coach Corrie directing boat traffic out of the bays.









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