bg-3 Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan 2016 – Week I

Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan 2016 – Week I

Welcome Back!

We are excited to be back here in Middletown, CT at our Sparks Rowing Camp at Wesleyan University. We have a large group again this year, and the athletes seem very motivated to learn from our coaching staff. This year we will be posting our camp updates more often on social media, so be sure to follow along on our Sparks Facebook Page, as well our Instagram account. You can keep track by following the hashtag:


Opening Meeting and Assessment

“Welcome Back” – Opening Meeting

Camp kicked off with our Opening Meeting lead by Coach Kevin MacDermott. Coach MacDermott introduced the coaching staff and athletes were split into three groups. The Men’s Coaches took the men to the Macomber Boathouse, where rowing practices will be held. The Women’s Coaches took the women to the Freeman Athletic Center, where the Wesleyan Men’s and Women’s Rowing Teams train during the year on campus. The Coxswain Coaches met with the coxswains to talk about goals and what was expected of them during the week.

Freeman Athletic Center - Erg Assessment

Freeman Athletic Center – Erg Assessment

Athletes were also assessed on their aerobic fitness as well as their technical ability on the ergometer.

Macomber Boathouse - Technical Assessment

Macomber Boathouse – Technical Assessment

We also have a few athletes that are learning to row for the first time. Coach Dave Payne wasted no time in getting them on the rowing machine and familiar with the rowing stroke.

Learn to Row - Receiving Instructions

Learn to Row – Receiving Instructions

In the evening, athletes attended our traditional Ice Cream Social, where athletes get to know one another before having some free time before lights out. It was a busy first day, and we are looking forward to clear skies and a great week! Athletes are here to work, but there is plenty of opportunities to have fun!


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