bg-3 Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Middletown, CT – Day 3

Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Middletown, CT – Day 3


After a full day of rowing, Day 3 started out cooler with athletes a little “tired” from all the hard work they had been putting in. Our coaching staff has been excellent providing technical feedback, and rowers are still trying to absorb and process what they have learned. The morning started out different with another “Dynamic Warm up” created by the counselors.

“Dynamic Warm Up II”


“Coaches? Check. Coffee? Check…”

Coach Nancy Larocque led the group in a “Core-based Warm Up” where the athletes really activated their core before getting out the water. Included in this series was the “TURKISH GET UP” which was on of our exercises taught at the SPARKS ADVANCED TRAINING AND PHYSIOLOGY CAMP. Great choice Coach!

“Core-based Warm UP”

“Side Planks!”


“Turkish Get Ups! Use your shoe!”


During the morning row Coach McElhenney and Coach Doldron really emphasized that coxswains steer and land the boats on the dock “on their own.” One of the strong aspects of Sparks Camps is the coxswain education, and even coaches can be used to “coaching” their coxswains too much, instead of allowing them to develop and learn with all the athletes. At SPARKS, we would like our coxswains AND athletes to “take off their training wheels” and allow themselves to make mistakes (safe ones, obviously) so that they can get constructive feedback about their coxing and their rowing.

“Docking evaluation and lesson”

“Boats Ready?”


After a hearty lunch, athletes returned to the dormitories. Coaches continued their one-on-one sessions and athletes were a little more open to talking about training and recruiting.

“Coaches one-on-one”

In the afternoon, athlete enjoyed the cooler weather and got in some miles!

“Miles make champions!”

“Post session Coxswain Meeting”


Following dinner, campers and coaches walked over to Hansel Lecture Hall for a “Coaches Panel” hosted by Coach Kevin MacDermott to allow campers to ask questions about recruiting in general. Rising Juniors and Seniors asked great questions regarding the difference in rowing for Div I program and Div III program, lightweight rowing, coaching communication (email and phone calls), and how social media and technology (video) can play a role in the recruiting process. ALL coaches agreed that EDUCATION and GPA were very important, if not the MOST important.

“Hansel Auditorium”

“What do College coaches look for in a potential recruit?”

“Coaches Panel”

Following Coaches Panel, athletes returned to the dorm where some stayed outside to continue frisbee, while others stayed in the main lounge to catch a movie. A good end to a long day!


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