bg-3 Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Middletown, CT – Day 4

Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Middletown, CT – Day 4


Wow! Only one more full day left as campers are now preparing for RACE DAY tomorrow, which will be held in front of the Macomber Boathouse around 10 am. Family and friends are welcome to come and watch the athletes race each other and apply what they have learned during the week. This morning athletes went through their Dynamic Warm Up, and continued to work on refining their technique, while taking some hard strokes to prepare for tomorrow morning.

“Dynamic Warm Up in sync”

“Walking Lunges”


“Learn to Row: Getting a A LOT of good strokes in!”

Our developing rowers, or “learn to row” group is really coming along nicely. Coach Peter Belmonte has taught them to be more consistent, and they understand that good strokes don’t come easy.

“A little AM Practice Racing!”

“Closing the gap!”

“Just a LITTLE water…”


Campers and coaches headed to lunch, and athletes had their final chance to sign up for time slots to speak with Coaches one-on-one. Athletes have asked a lot of great questions, and the group has been very engaged in discussing their development as well as futures in rowing. After lunch, athletes and coaches were back for the final tune up before Saturday AM Racing.


“Final tune up instructions”

“Ready to row, Coach!”

“The Sparks Armada is out!”

“More pieces, Coach!”


Coach Pat Tynan offered the rowers and coxswains of an interesting perspective on land of what it looks like from the different stand points when a boat is being “walked through.” He had them run the exercise on land so the rowers and coxswains could see how a sprint develops during a race, and what the athletes ALL need to focus on.

“A different perspective…”

“What does a ‘walk through’ look like?”


Campers were treated to GREAT lectures this evening. Coach Emerson Curry did a talk on “Hip Mobility” and injury prevention using very basic exercises to keep the spine and core in neutral throughout the day. This will put an athlete’s body in a BETTER position for practice and racing. Coach Curry stressed the importance of CONSISTENCY. Coach Curry showed a large variety of exercises for other muscle groups as well.

“Hip Mobility; Injury Prevention”

“Coach Emerson Curry”

“Increasing stability in the hips, quads, hamstring and calves”

Coach Grace Hollowell and Coach Krystina Sarff did a great talk on the history of women’s rowing and how women were not seen as athletes, and that rowing was just a hobby to allow them to pass the time. Flash forward to 2015, where the US Rowing Women’s National Team is preparing to defend their title at the US Olympics in 2016. Coaches shared some of the past negatives in US Rowing as a way to celebrate the positives that have come out from women competing in sports. The talk was inspiring for many of the young female campers who may not have been aware of some of their past rowing heroes.

“History of Women’s Rowing”

“Who are the heroes in Women’s Rowing in 2015?”

Coach Steve Perry delivered a candid lecture on “How to Prepare for College”, more from the perspective of athlete already being accepted to a school. Most campers hadn’t thought about what happened after they were accepted to a University. Coach Perry was able to integrate questions about recruiting into the talk and offer insight on what it takes to be a collegiate athlete in general. It IS possible to row and be a good student, however, much will depend on whether the athlete chooses the correct school.

“How to Prepare for College”

“How many of you have visited colleges?”


This evening, as campers began packing up to prepare for departure tomorrow, an impromptu “Musical Battle of the Floors” broke out between the athletes. Counselors were treated to versions of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the Jonas Brothers, “I’m Gonna Be”, “All I do is Win”, and “Don’t Stop Believing.”

“Jonas Brothers”

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

“All I do is Win!”

“Nothing really matters…anyone can see…Nothing really matters…to MEEeee…”

“Anyway the WIND blows…”

A good night had by all – Campers, Counselors, and Coaches!


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