bg-3 Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Session II –  Middletown, CT – Day 1

Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Session II – Middletown, CT – Day 1

Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Session II – Middletown, CT – Day 1


Week 2 came fast! Campers and Parents arrived on time, and all were quickly checked into Clark Hall, so that there was not any time wasted. This group is a LARGER group than last week, and the athletes seem to have a lot of energy!


Coach Kevin MacDermott delivered the opening talk again this week, and the new coaches introduced themselves. Again, coxswains were separated, as they will receive coaching from Coach Marcus McElhenney and Coach Ariel Handler. The Junior Boys walked down to the Macomber Boathouse where they had their assessment.

“Opening Talk”


“Coach McElhenney and Coach Handler”

“Junior Boys Assessment at Macomber”

The Junior Girls walked to the Freeman Athletic where they went through a body weight exercise assessment as well as some training and technique on the rowing ergometer. Then it was off to dinner!

“Body weight Exercise Assessment”

“Junior Girls Assessment on the Rowing Ergometer”


Collegiate Coach Chris Kerber said it best when he said, “You just fed them ice cream…” Indeed we did. After dinner, campers met with their counselors to go over camp rules and dormitory rules. Counselors led them through a few GREAT ice breakers, and the group really responded well. Some included: Human Knot and Red Rover:

“Human Knot”

“Human Knot II”

“Human Knot???”

“Red Rover, Red Rover…”

ICE CREAM SOCIAL – “You just fed them ice cream…”

Campers lined up for a large amount of ice cream, and they were still able to finish most of it! The long line also allowed everyone to get to know each other, and this has been a very strong social group which should make for a fun week and good racing for Saturday.

“Ice cream?”


“Off to a good start!”

The energy has been good, and we will need it for tomorrow. The weather will be hot, so we will be getting our rest, getting hydrate, and getting ready for our first row!

Onto Day 2!

“AGAIN…what did you forget this time?”

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