bg-3 Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Session II – Middletown, CT – Day 4

Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Session II – Middletown, CT – Day 4

Sparks Rowing at Wesleyan – Session II – Middletown, CT – Day 4


The weather is MUCH cooler today, as the rain from last night, dropped the temperature about 10 degrees. It is still hot, so campers and coaches wasted no time getting breakfast and getting down to the boathouse. Counselors ran the group through a team Dynamic Warm Up, and coaches rotated boats so athletes and coxswains were working with new groups.



“Ready to warm up”

“Let’s go!”

“Coach MacDermott with instructions for the day.”

Athletes and coxswains were able to refine some of the technical skills they learned during the week, and working with new coaches keeps the sessions fresh and will allow the coaches to select line ups for RACE DAY tomorrow!

“Ocular Recognition: Coach Chris Kerber”

“How well do you move TOGETHER?”

“Count down when ready…”

“Junior Women ready to go!”

“Great day!”

“Getting the work done”


In the afternoon, campers did their final warm up and preparation for RACE DAY tomorrow. Coxswains met with Coach McElhenney and Coach Handler, and Coach McElhenney shared his Olympic Story and how the race unfolded.

“Final Warm Up”

“What to do with all these shoes?”

“Coach McElhenney shares his story…”

“Send the boat”

“Four across!”

“Another solid landing…”

“Up and over heads!”




This evening we had some EXCELLENT lectures hosted by our collegiate coaches. Campers could choose which lecture they wanted to attend. Coach Wendy Wilbur (University of Texas) discussed “Strategies For Your Best 2k”, Coach Michiel Bartman (Harvard University) shared his Olympic experience and lectured on “Goal Setting”, and Coach Kate Maloney (Williams College) talked about “How to get the MOST out of PRACTICE”. All lectures were well attended, and campers asked great questions.

“Strategies for your Best 2k”

“Coach Wendy Wilbur – University of Texas”

“Goal Setting”

“Coach Michiel Bartman – Harvard University”

“How to get the Most out of Practice”

“Coach Kate Maloney – Williams College”

This has been a great week, and the campers have been very engaged, and are looking forward to race tomorrow.


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