bg-3 Sparks Summer Rowing Camp – WEEK 2 – Wesleyan – Day 1

Sparks Summer Rowing Camp – WEEK 2 – Wesleyan – Day 1

Back to Wesleyan University for Week 2 of our Middletown, Connecticut camp! We have a whole new group of athletes and a few returners from Week 1 and a whole new set of coaches.

The weather has been much cooler, so performances were much better during the initial assessments. Again, the junior women performed their technical and physical assessment at the Freeman Athletic Center and the junior men walked down to the Macomber Boathouse.

At Macomber, the athletes began with a dynamic warm up and a technical erg session where they learned how to take the “front end” of the rowing stroke. Focusing on initiating the stroke with the legs can be difficult, but this group was focused.

“Initiating the Drive”

“Use the Legs!”

“Hand Release Push Ups”

“Body Weight Squats”

Following the Erg Assessment, coaches talked about the importance of establishing the “Body Prep” position early and often. Using plastic silverware, it was apparent how NOT establishing body prep would decrease potential “arc” the athlete could create to move the boat.

“Maintain Body Prep”

“Drive the legs!”

“Maintain your core!”

“Create the Arc”


After dinner, athletes and counselors met for our Ice Cream social! After some initial ice breakers, athletes were able to socialize until it was time head in. Energy was high, so our rowing should be solid tomorrow morning.

“Ice Cream Social”

“Save some for everyone else!”

“How many of you have…?”

Ice Breakers

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