bg-3 Sparks Summer Rowing Camp – WEEK 2 – Wesleyan – Day 2

Sparks Summer Rowing Camp – WEEK 2 – Wesleyan – Day 2

by Coach Patrick Rufo

Day 2 of Camp started out strong, as athletes were up early and ready to go. Breakfast opens at 7:30 am and our line was there at 7:20! The weather was cool, so energy was high, and after a brisk walk to the Boathouse they were ready for their first water practice. Athletes broke into groups, and went through Dynamic Warm Ups run by the counselors.

“Waiting for Breakfast”

“Watch out for Hungry rowers!”

“Getting ready to row.”

“Abs, Abs, Abs…”

Following warm up, athletes met with the coaching staff and divided up into their initial boat line ups. Some boats launched right away, and some focused on technique on the ergometers before heading out on the water.

“Technique on the Erg”

“Shove off the dock”

“Find the common catch”

Even our Learn-to-Rows got out on the water on the first practice!


“First Row!”

Following the morning sessions, athletes headed back to campus for lunch. After lunch they met with coaches for their first On-on-one sessions regarding technique, training, and the recruiting process. Athletes can sign up for a individual meeting with a coach each afternoon.

In the afternoon, the athletes headed back to the Boathouse for the second session. Athletes were challenged to run their own Dynamic Warm Ups based on the morning session. A good opportunity for rising juniors and seniors to learn to be leaders.

“Dynamic Warmup; Athletes”

“Ready all…”

After dinner, athletes attended a preliminary meeting on recruiting and “What do I want?”. Coach Meyer and Coach Rufo spoke with rising juniors and seniors and rising freshmen and sophomores about why athletes want to row in college. It is important for athletes to understand why rowing is important to them, and why they want rowing to be a part of their college experience. Tomorrow evening we will have a coaching panel to answer more specific questions regarding the recruiting process.

“Rising Juniors and Seniors”



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