bg-3 Sparks Summer Rowing Camp – WEEK 2 – Wesleyan – Day 3

Sparks Summer Rowing Camp – WEEK 2 – Wesleyan – Day 3

by Coach Patrick Rufo

Day 3 started out early again, and athletes were ready to go after a quick breakfast. Athletes continued to run their own Dynamic Warm Ups in the morning which really  help out the coaches in making the line ups and fine tuning the training session. Coxswains have been spot on launching their crews, and camp has been running at a smooth clip.

“Ready to go”

“Ready to launch”

“Ready to row”

Following lunch, athletes again met with coaches for their One-on-one Sessions. A lot of questions were about recruiting, so it was a good thing we were having the Coaching Panel in the evening.

The afternoon was much warmer, but the athletes were still ready to go. Coaches spent some time on land discussing technical drills. Some of these drills were more advanced, but this group has shown that they can absorb information and execute on the water.

“Elbow position at the finish”

“The difference a small adjustment can make over 2000 meters”

“How the blade should enter the water”

In the evening, athletes had a quick dinner, and then walked over to Shanklin Lab to attend the “Coaches Panel”. Coaches generally spoke about the recruiting process and answer questions from our rising juniors and seniors. The most important pieces of advice about choosing a school:

1. Academics

2. Location

3. Size

4. Cost

Rowing was 5th on the list, and our experienced coaching staff reiterated that athletes need to choose a school because of what they want to do; NOT for the rowing program.

“Methods of contact”

“An engaged group of athletes”

“Great questions, great information!”


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