bg-3 Sparks Summer Rowing Camp – WEEK 2 – Wesleyan – Day 4

Sparks Summer Rowing Camp – WEEK 2 – Wesleyan – Day 4

by Coach Patrick Rufo

Day 4 started out great, as the energy level of this group has been pretty high. It has not been too humid this week, so athletes are recovering quickly. Athletes ran their own Dynamic Warm Ups this morning, and were soon out on the water. Coaches have been rotating athletes as well as coxswains, so that everyone is getting feedback and different perspectives.

“High Knees”

“Routine, routine, routine…”

“Waiting in Line”

“Quick on the dock”

After practice, the athletes gathered for their team photo.

“2014 Wesleyan Camp – Week 2”


Following lunch, athletes met with coaches for their final One-on-One Sessions. Athletes traveled back to Macomber for their final row before tomorrow’s racing. The boys were treated with a competitive workout on the ergometers – 2 x 500 meters with teams. A lot of athletes pulled their best 500 m split!

“One on One Coaching Sessions”

“2 x 500 meter Blitz!”

“Who will finish first?”

After dinner, athletes were given the choice to attend two lectures: “Training Workouts to improve my 2k” presented by Coach Gregg Hartsuff, and “My Olympic Journey” presented by coaches Michiel Bartman and Dan Walsh. Coach Hartsuff outlined a 12 week training program to help athletes drop their 2k time. Coach Bartman and Coach Walsh shared their journeys to competing and earning medals at the Olympic Games. Both lectures were both inspiring and informative.

“Listen to our stories”

“Olympic Gold”

“12 Week Training Program”

Racing begins tomorrow around 9:45 am. Athletes will travel down to Macomber Boathouse following a pre-race snack at the dormitory. Parents are welcome to watch the racing. This has been a great group with good focus.


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