bg-3 Staying Cool and Steering Straight in OKC

Staying Cool and Steering Straight in OKC

The heat index is rising, but our coxswains are doing a good job of staying cool – sunglasses, hats, and extra water are essential.

On the water today our coxswains finished rotating through docking, steering, and the building blocks of practice management. Essential skills of steering a 2k course involve remaining parallel to the shore and remaining parallel to each other. These steering skills are transferable to running a practice, where coxswains are expected to be able to keep boats together and aligned.

IMG_1238.JPGcoxswains planning practice

Off the water, coxswains learned the “how” of calls, and how to structure calls. Some assignments that the campers have been working on include analyzing the audio they brought to camp, planning practice for the next day, and working on a race plan.

One on one sessions continued this afternoon and our coxswains have started to open up and engage with each other, as well as with the coaching staff. In the evening, Coach Leanne Davis led a session on college recruiting that focused not on the necessary steps to take, but rather how to approach college choice in order to get the most out of the process


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