bg-3 Sunsets in Florida

Sunsets in Florida

Day one of a new location for Sparks in Sarasota went very smoothly. We’re running two camps concurrently, sculling and a coxswains only camp.

Harvard lightweight men’s head coach Michiel Bartman oriented the scullers to their new environment and evaluated them one by one via a balance drill in singles.

Former Olympic Coxswain Marcus McElhenney and current US Women’s coxswain Katelyn Snyder interviewed each coxswain in regards to their skill set and then spoke to the coxswains on expectations for the week before discussing the technicalities of racing.


We’re excited to be here. Florida is warm and beautiful, our site is wonderful (a guitarist for the Allman Brothers lives next door to the dock!), and the small groups and excellent ratio will certainly allow us to get real work done.

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