bg-3 It Always Comes Back to Steering

It Always Comes Back to Steering

Our first full day at Coxswain Camp in Oklahoma City is complete! We are lucky that the temperature has dropped from last week, but the heat is still sweltering. The kids have learned to be prepared with sunscreen, hats and water.

 IMG_4995-1smiling faces in the launch

Our practices on the water today were centered on steering – head-race steering, 2k steering, and docking. We were impressed with the overall level of basic boat-handling skills of this group, and they have started to figure out that there is always something more to learn. Once coxswains begin to master this seemingly simple task of steering, we will slowly layer in the rest of their coxswain responsibilities.

We have started individual meetings and are enjoying getting to know our campers personally. This evening, Coaches Kristen Kit and Sam Greenblatt led a “Coxswain Q&A” session where the questions ranged from skill-specific (How can you steer a lot without fishtailing?) to more personal (What do you do in your free time that makes the biggest impact on your coxing?).

This group of coxswains has proven to be thoughtful and engaged, and we are excited to see them grow and progress this week.

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