bg-3 The Finish

The Finish

By Ryan Sparks · January, 2013

Most of our campers say that they only thing they’d change about San Diego is that it goes by too quickly. We agree, though school dates and the holidays limit our abilities to do much more! It would be easy to spend several weeks in San Diego, though we’re not sure the weather would change much. We like ending camp by sparking (forgive the pun!) a desire for a higher level of training in our athletes, especially at this time of the year.

We finished today by doing several races in boat classes from the single to the eight. The major things we seek to accomplish in San Diego are education via higher training intensities and better recovery techniques and inspiration via our staff, location, and fellow campers. At the end of camp, each of the coaches took time to comment on their impressions. They agreed it was a motivated group and that at as a whole, they believed there were both technical and intellectual gains from camp.

US Junior Men’s coach and Sparks associate Wayne Berger commented, “Being curious and a student of the sport is important. You are the generation that has the most information available to you more so than any generation in history, so just consider the opportunity you have to develop.”


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