bg-3 Tuesday Week One

Tuesday Week One

By Ryan Sparks · August, 2012

I’m very happy to report that our first full day included two smoothly executed water sessions, one boat meeting, and an hour’s worth of private coaching sessions and an evening conversation on goal setting. It now also apparently includes kids playing guitar in the lobby of our assigned dormitory, Clark Hall (see the video).

In our first picture below the video, the coxswains are oriented to the site by their staff. In our second, boats come in after the second row of the day — which included brief rain showers that ceased, giving way to a cool wind. No broken equipment by students in part given excellent first day coxing, though one of the coaches did not manage this so well with his launch! (all in a day’s work at camp.)

Today’s focus was the finish of the stroke — coaches worked to get to know the kids and work through both sessions on the finish. Camp will be divided into sections of the stroke, thus allowing us a camp-wide technical focus and the ability to begin to hopefully thinking about the rowing in greater detail to lend to greater improvement during and post-camp. To finish off, the women did a few pieces 4 eights across.




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