bg-3 Van Harte Welkom om Amsterdam!

Van Harte Welkom om Amsterdam!


Our rowers from across the States and Canada have all made it safely to the European continent and settled in Amsterdam. A group of pioneers, they are the first ones to attend this program and we are excited to see how they do and what they make of it, especially as they prepare to compete in the NSRF-SLOT.

The first day the rowers arrived at the Willem III Rowing Club to meet two of their coaches, Erik and Julian, and to go out for their first row in the pouring rain. Despite jet lag and the weather, everyone stayed upright and had a good introductory row down the Amstel. After, the rowers met their host families and headed off to their Dutch homes.

The next morning the rowers biked on their own to the boathouse. Everyone made it on time, though a few took some unnecessary detours en route. This day they met their third coach, Diederik de Brooder, who took them on a long row down the Amstel in much nicer weather. They thoroughly enjoyed rowing past the villages, fields, windmills, cows, and other Dutch scenery. In addition to getting coaching on their technique, everyone is learning a lot about steering as they wind their way down the river, especially around the grote beurt (big turn).

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