bg-3 Very Sunny in Seattle!

Very Sunny in Seattle!

Today was a beautiful, sunny, 96 degrees in Seattle for our first full day of camp. After yesterday’s arrival, get-to-know-you, and initial evaluations, today was the day for getting on the water. Everyone headed out to explore the waterways of the Ship Canal, Lake Union, Portage Bay, Montlake Cut, Union Bay, and Lake Washington. We saw planes, trains, and automobiles along the way, most notably watching the famous Seattle sea planes landing in Lake Union. Coaches talked to the athletes about basic technical refinements, focusing on some of the seemingly simple changes that make a huge difference in boat speed.

Midday, after a wonderful lunch spread at the boat house, coaches and athletes met in the first round of individual meetings. During these sessions, athletes are given one-on-one time with coaches to talk about practice, get clarification on technique, or get some advice on how to go about reaching their goals.

After a little rest time, everyone was back on the water for a shorter afternoon practice. We all survived the sun and heat (and you thought Seattle was always rainy!) and headed back to campus for dinner and discussion on defining goals and values prior to embarking on the college search process. (Hint: It’s a matter of finding a school that fits YOU, rather than molding yourself into someone else’s “box”. )

We are looking forward to cooler temps (and yes, a little rain) tomorrow.



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