bg-3 Wesleyan: Week Two, Day One

Wesleyan: Week Two, Day One

Today, all seventy of our rowers and coxswains arrived safely in Middletown, CT for our final week of summer rowing camp at Wesleyan University.

Under a beautiful, sunny sky, we all walked over to the University athletic center for the rowers’ initial evaluation. The rowers performed a short erg workout, some calisthenics, and some technical rowing exercises. This was no high-pressure erg test, but rather an opportunity for our coaches to observe each athlete in motion. This information will allow them to match their coaching throughout the week to address the needs of each individual athlete.

The coaches hail from esteemed rowing universities across the country, including Wesleyan University, Trinity College, George Washington University, Northeastern University, Columbia University, Stanford University, the University of Massachusetts, and Yale University.

During the evaluation, coxswains received some introductory remarks from Olympic veteran coxswain Marcus McElhenney before jumping into the hockey ring to join the rowers in a few calisthenic exercises.

We finished up at the athletic center, enjoyed a quick dinner at the dining hall, then headed to the dormitory for an ice cream social. We got to see friendships forming on the very fist night – we believe that those friendships are an integral piece of what makes the camp experience special.

Now we’re off to bed to prepare for a rigorous day of practice tomorrow. After all, the week has hardly begun.

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