bg-3 Winter Sweep Camp Day 1

Winter Sweep Camp Day 1

It was a nice, warm, humid, sunny day here in Tampa! All our sweep campers made it safely to the hotel on time and were easily checked in.

At the Stewards Foundation, the campers helped get the boats ready for the next few days, putting riggers on and getting the launches to the water. After everything was set up, the coaches did an evaluation of them on the erg to assess their fitness and technique. It involved some lighter rowing followed by a sprint relay. They were pretty tired afterward.


After a water break and a division of the rowers into ports and starboards, the coaches got their boats on the water for a short row as the sun set. It was a bit windy, but the campers handled it well.

Back at the hotel it was time for pizza! There was a great selection ranging from veggie to BBQ chicken to bruschetta. Following dinner the campers had a seminar on the importance of goal setting and how to set goals for camp and beyond. The coaches gave some great insight and the campers had some impressive questions. It’s exciting to see how their goals evolve over the next few days and what they are able to accomplish in this short time. Let’s just hope they remember to take good notes!

After the seminar they all headed to their rooms to be checked in and get some sleep. It was a long day today and we have a few more coming up!

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