bg-3 Winter Sweep Camp Day 2

Winter Sweep Camp Day 2

It was another sunny and humid day here in Tampa. The campers started their morning off with a hearty breakfast at the hotel before heading over to Stewards for their first of three practices.

Using the data they collected yesterday from the first assessments, the coaches set line ups and took everyone on the water. Most of the practices were focused on the mechanics of the drive and steady state. In between practices the campers had a chance to talk to coaches one on one, eat, and relax.

While it was sunny and warm, it was also pretty windy most of the day and the crews had to manage the chop as well as getting used to rowing with new people. Some of the boats even had a close encounter of the cruise ship kind!


However, by the final practice the wind calmed down and we had some great water and a beautiful sunset.


After dinner there were two options for the evening seminars. Campers could choose between a talk on recruitment with coaches Mark Davis, Linda Muri, Nich Parker Lee, and Leanne Davis or join coaches Gregg Hartsuff, Kristen Kit, and Harlan Trevithick for a talk on taking your rowing to the next level. By the end of the seminars the campers were pretty worn out and headed to bed. Noting the number of red faces, they were once again reminded and encouraged to put on lots of sunscreen tomorrow!

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