bg-3 Winter Sweep Camp Day 3

Winter Sweep Camp Day 3

The sun has set on our second full day of camp. It was another long day of rowing, coach meetings, eating, and seminars. By now all the campers are (hopefully) all packed and sound asleep. They have some very exciting races happening tomorrow.

The day began with a hearty breakfast and stroll to Stewards Foundation for the first row. Though the weather was overcast, the rain held off and the heat stayed on. The coaches warmed up the group and got them on the water for more technical work. The wind wasn’t as bad as yesterday, so the coaches were able to accomplish more and were very pleased with what they saw.


After the practices the group had an amazing dinner and some time to get cleaned up before the evening seminar. Again we combined the sweep and sculling camps, so the campers would have access to more coaches. Tonight the coaches talked about what they have learned from rowing and why they have stuck with it for so long. We heard some great stories from our coaches and heard some good responses from the campers as to why they row.


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