bg-3 Winter Sweep Camp Day 4

Winter Sweep Camp Day 4

Camp has officially ended and the campers have all departed. We are sad to see them go, but grateful they joined us for a few days. Based on the chatter during lunch we’re pretty sure they made some new friends and had a good time.

The campers had to move out this morning, so they lugged their suitcases down to breakfast to store while they went to practice. After eating they strolled to Stewards Foundation for their final practice of the camp.

At Stewards the coaches gathered everyone together to warm them up and discuss the plans for the day. Once line ups were announced the campers got their boats down and ready (but not before a few quick boat meetings on the best way to dominate the competition). Once everyone was launched we journeyed down the channel to the start line.

The weather was decent and the water a little choppy, but the racing was superb. The four fours tore up and down the channel in some very close races. All the coaches commented on how good the rowers and coxswains looked and liked the aggression they saw.

Once the racing was complete, we headed back to Stewards to clean off the boats and put them away. Though it was sad to get off the water this final time, we had a friendly send off from a local dolphin. Though we tried to snag a photo, it was a little camera shy so you have to trust we saw it.

Back at the hotel the campers enjoyed lunch and a final farewell from the coaches and staff. The coaches had some great things to say and we are all grateful they joined us for the past few days. Thank you all for attending the camp and we hope to see you at another Sparks camp in the near future!

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