bg-3 Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

By Ryan Sparks and Chelsea Dommert · June, 2013

We have reached the last day of our coxswains-only camp.

We began our day on the water once again. The coaches directed the group through several race pieces, allowing the coxswains to practice everything that they have learned during this week. Each coxswain has improved dramatically this week, and we’re excited to see how they apply their new knowledge at their home programs in the fall.

Once we had finished the pieces, we ended camp on a light note with a little bit of coxswain storytelling. Laura and Marcus shared some of their funny experiences from coxing, drawing a few laughs from our exhausted coxswains as we sat around the table one last time.

Finally, the time ha arrived for our coxswains to go their separate ways. They have worked extremely hard this week, and now they’re ready to use their new skills in service of their crews. We wish them all well, and we hope to see them again at upcoming regattas – and maybe next year’s camp!

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