bg-3 Yoga by the Water

Yoga by the Water

by Libby Peters

Scullers and coxswains alike covered a lot of ground on Day 3 of the Sarasota camp.

Coxswains were busy today. We had excellent conditions for the morning session and each group was able to be on the water for a good amount of time. As coxswains continue to rotate through different coaches, lineups, and even equipment, they are learning to adapt to any situation. On land, coaches led very productive conversations about how to make effective calls, how to form a connection with your rowers, and the college recruiting landscape as it pertains to coxswains.

Scullers also took advantage of the water time this morning, getting in some miles in their singles while the coaches took video. Back on land, coaches ran a video review session, allowing the rowers to see things from outside of the boat. In the afternoon, the scullers pulled a max watt test, followed by an hour of yoga among the beautiful canopy trees overlooking the water. They wrapped up the day with a very interesting discussion on the importance of ownership in rowing and recruiting.

Coxswains and rowers turned in early tonight so can be fresh for tomorrow’s long morning session and race pieces. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day of camp!

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