Our Work

Since the beginning, we have been fascinated by the differences in learning environments – and how they serve different people.

We initially started with college counseling for athletes who wanted to row in college by working to help students identify what they enjoyed about rowing and then help them utilize those observations to find a solid “fit” – both athletically and in terms of overall university culture – for their undergraduate experience.

Then we began to run rowing camps. In short order, we realized we could utilize our understanding of different learning environments to seek to isolate the catalysts that create different environments in order to create our own experiences aimed at particular types of people with particular goals.

The science of experiential education is still young – and while we work to incorporate peer-reviewed research into our programming, we also want our work to be on the forefront of the field.

We seek those who desire to explore experiential education with us as we work to build conclusions and structures that utilize those conclusions to the advantage of our participants.

The best thing we offer to those who would like to work with us is not just an adventure in rowing, but deeper introspection and work in the field of human experience – with the advantage of immediate application.

If you’re interested joining the endeavor, please – read on.

Program Leaders

The Program Leader role differs from the standard rowing camp counselor position in that it holds far larger amounts of responsibility and expectations – not only insofar as ability to work within the camp environment, but also insofar as engagement in the deeper educational mechanisms of our programming. Many of our senior staff have worked program leadership roles.

Rowing experience is very helpful, but ultimately we seek individuals who are thoughtful, disciplined, and passionate about education who desire to better deploy those characteristics in a leadership capacity. Working our camps is like rowing: you can just go through the motions, but if you want to find success it requires discipline, commitment to a shared vision, and a willingness to go beyond one’s self.

We work with our Program Leaders such that they can see our educational methodology at work, issue observations, and provide feedback as we seek to better our understanding of experiential education. Properly applied, the work should satisfy both physically and intellectually.

Of course, we also have fun along the way.

Program Leaders enjoy the benefit of working closely with senior coaches from a variety of programs and countries. They ride in coaching launches, sit in on evening talks, and chat with like-minded individuals at camp. Leaders are able connect with our coaching and senior staff, engage in thoughtful conversation about our sport, broaden their network, and ultimately develop as people and educators.

Program Leaders who excel in their roles are invited back for subsequent summers and may be subsequently selected to take on domestic and international program director positions.

Domestic and International Program Directors

Program Directors are experienced educators who direct our domestic and international rowing camps on the ground. Leadership experience, familiarity with our work, and a passion for education are pre-requisites. We require a bond of implicit trust and evaluate accordingly; positions may be 16 time zones outside of the US.

Directors meet prior to camp for training and planning. Program Directors are expected to be able to evaluate situations and act on their own accord while providing feedback for long-term implementation. Evaluation standards are extremely high; some director slots have taken a previous year’s work specifically for “interview” purposes.

These roles are well suited to teachers and coaches who are genuinely interested in investigating and developing their approach to experiential education over the summer. We encourage educators with sincere interest in better defining the realms of experiential education to connect with us.

Coxswain Associates

We have a special place in our hearts for coxswains, and this pends on providing best in class educators alongside best in class curriculum. We are always happy to hear from excellent educators interested in working specifically with coxswains – regardless of whether they were noteworthy coxswains or not. Beyond coxswains, we have had much success with senior junior coaches who are seeking to build out their knowledge of coxswain coaching via the various options we offer. We run our own certification for coxswain educators – built off our coxswain coaching curriculum.

College Counseling Associates

Our counseling staff provides an opportunity to mentor upcoming student-athletes, stay in touch with the rowing world, and continue to develop your skill sets as an educator. Though work occurs virtually, the firm takes community seriously and seeks to provide group and independent educational and professional development opportunities in college counseling as well as camp operations and management.

These are the most senior positions we offer and selectivity is extremely high.

We seek junior and senior college counseling associates who possess diverse experience behind a collegiate recruiting desk as well as junior coaching experience. We also seek those who are committed to continual improvement of themselves, as evidenced by the number of our staff with post graduate degrees. However, most important is a willingness to engage juniors and their families on their level and define success as development both for the athlete and rowing community.