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Olympians from Division III and Club Programs: With Matt Miller and Seth Weil

Rowing is one of the few sports that, after being picked-up in college, one can go on to achieve Olympic success. One would imagine that these incredible athletes walked into a well-funded program with a highly competitive roster size. However, some Olympic rowers come from the humble origins of club or Division Three programs. The […]

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A Look Behind the Curtain of College Rowing Selection

This article was co-authored by Nate Rooks and Mike Hughes. As a rower, it’s easy to blame a single event–a bad seat race or bad erg text–for what boat you end up in. For coaches who make the lineups, it’s a complicated and lengthy process that includes many objective and subjective variables. We spoke with several […]

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Unofficial Visits in Rowing: Test-Driving Your Future

Lee just turned 16 and is ready for her first car. She finished Driver’s Ed, nailed her DMV tests, and has a bank account padded by summers of lifeguarding and landscaping. Lee knows the name Mercedes is well-established and respected, and her coolest friend’s mom had one. She can’t afford a new one but assures […]

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Philadelphia City Rowing: Development, Racing in the PSRA, Success Story

Philadelphia City Rowing (PCR), a no cost rowing program for Philadelphia public school students was founded by Libby Peters and Tony Schneider in 2010 targeting kids from low-income households. The concept of PCR is to offer rowing, mentoring, and academics as tools for kids to change their lives. Peters volunteer coached for Row New York, a similar […]

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Using AthleteDISC to Understand Your Rowing Team

In my previous article, How Not to Get Voted Off the Boat, I spoke with collegiate coaches about what “intangibles” allows rowers to survive the selection process and stay in the top boat. The common theme that coaches agree upon is that you – the athlete – need to stay focused on the only thing you can […]

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The Next Evolution in Rowing Performance

This article is part of a series from Sparks Consulting where we explore where the next evolutions in rowing might come from. See the other articles here: The Next Evolution in Rowing Training The Next Evolution in Rowing Equipment Innovations such as data gathering tools, improved foot stretchers, and hull designs are physical tools coaches […]

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