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Rowing Camps

PHOTOS: Sparks Florida Measured Feedback Camp

Our brand new Measured Feedback Camp, which took place this past December in sunny Orlando at the University of Central Florida, was the first rowing camp to offer rowers and coxswains objective feedback on areas to improve, from fitness to technique. This camp provided athletes with more detailed, holistic feedback. Rowers used standard ergometer testing protocols combined with […]

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Sculpting Your College List

One of our junior Sparks clients recently came back from a week filled with three unofficial visits and was having a hard time figuring out how to proceed with all of the new information he’d learned. First of all, this is exactly the desired result of these visits! Expecting each school to be either 100% perfect […]

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Nelson, NZ Rowing
Rowing Camps

Discover Sparks Consulting’s New Zealand Adventure Camp

Sparks Consulting’s New Zealand Adventure Camp is a three-week program that offers an introduction to the possibilities presented by cross-cultural training in a beautiful location. The program takes place over the New Zealand school holidays, allowing athletes the opportunity to train on water with Kiwi juniors in small boats. The goals of this program are to […]

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Rowing Camps

Sparks Winter Rowing Camps Provide Unique Experiences

At Sparks Consulting, we develop the rowing community with unparalleled collegiate guidance counseling, rowing camps, and coxswain education. Our Olympians and former collegiate coaches have one goal: to inspire.  This December, we are offering two Winter Rowing Camps that provide unique, exclusive experiences for rowers that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Our Winter Coxswains Only Camp is a […]

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What Constitutes a Good Update?

When trying to stay on the radar of busy college coaches, a lot of recruits worry about how to reach out. It’s pretty easy to respond to an email from a coach and answer questions they’ve asked, but sending unsolicited information can be much more difficult. The most important element is to keep it positive. Put […]

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What Do I Get Out of Unofficial Visits?

A lot of our junior clients are asking about unofficial visits. You can read my article from earlier this year giving a top-to-bottom rundown of the visits, but this interaction with a client seemed especially relevant with some holidays and big regattas coming up: Nate: “So, contact the coach, let them know your dates, see […]

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