Coxswain Tips: Fault vs. Responsibility

Coxswains must learn how to recognize and embrace their “failures” so as to learn how to overcome.

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Coxswains: What to Do in the Off Season to Improve Your Skills

Hi everyone! My name is Kayleigh Durm and this is my first blog for Sparks Consult. As a former high school and collegiate coxswain, and now a coxswains coach for the MIT heavyweight men, I'm here to offer some practical advice for junior [...]

Avoid Using Filler in a Race

Some points from Laura's video: Are you in control of your race situation? Talking through moves Can the rowers understand what you're saying Don't use filler Quiet time Connect with Laura on Twitter @usjntcoxcoach Also be sure [...]

Steering the San Diego Crew Classic & Other Coxswain Tips

Bullet points from Marcus McElhenney's video on steering tips for coxswains: How to prepare for San Diego Crew Classic Biggest mistake is only factoring in the direction of the wind Also need to consider the tides Another factor: [...]

Make Small Adjustments: Coxswain Steering Tips

Bullet points from Laura Simon's video on steering tips for coxswains: Coaches often say that coxswains shouldn't be steering too much. De-mystify steering: What coaches really mean is you shouldn't be overcorrecting. The best coxswains [...]

Steering the San Diego Crew Classic

One of the toughest races to cox is the 2K course at San Diego Crew Classic. The wind and tide of Mission Bay make it a particularly challenging course, and coxswains visiting for the first time should be prepared.  In this article, I'll [...]

Why I Love Winter Training

As a coxswain, I love winter training. Yes, you heard me correctly…I love winter training! The reason is because I see a lot of opportunity to get better. So, while stuck on land during the cold months, I have three recommendations for [...]