So, You Want to Be A Rowing Coach?

Why don’t you want to be a doctor? Here is a list of six components that goes into being a rowing coach beyond being on the water, along with quotes and anecdotes from coaches who are in the business.

Articles on Pedagogy

THE HUMANITIES OF WORK: Towards a New Experiential Learning

Colleges, universities, and other organizations are currently investing plenty of dollars in spaces to deploy experiential learning—but mostly of the hands-on variety, and with the intention of polishing students’ career-readiness AFTER [...]

Using AthleteDISC to Understand Your Rowing Team

In my previous article, How Not to Get Voted Off the Boat, I spoke with collegiate coaches about what “intangibles” allows rowers to survive the selection process and stay in the top boat. The common theme that coaches agree upon is that [...]

So You Want To Be A Rowing Coach?

What goes into being a rowing coach? During your rowing career you accumulated a lot of knowledge and observed how some of the top coaches plied their trade. After a few “ah ha” moments and collecting medals, you decided that you wanted to [...]

Establish Your Coaching Philosophy To Create A Culture of Success

When a recruit sits down with a coach for an interview, the coach will likely ask, "Why do you row?" This question helps a coach assess the level of passion and commitment the recruit has for rowing. The coach is looking for enthusiasm, [...]

New Training Concepts For Rowers: Ground Force Method, Animal Flow, Kettlebells

Earlier this month, Sparks Consulting hosted our second Advanced Training and Physiology Camp in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. We introduced high school rowers to advanced training concepts to help them improve their rowing stroke, posture, and [...]

The Secret Weapons No One Told you About

“I am the coxswain.” Some coxswains dread explaining this to their friends outside of crew. They know that they’ll have to defend their non-rowing role on a rowing team. Sometimes, that defense is hard to muster. Not all rowers – [...]