Questions to Ask About Rowing Camps

Choosing a rowing camp can be a challenging process, especially for families new to the sport. You need to think about the length, location, cost, what the camp offers, what you want to get out of camp.

Articles on Rowing Camps

Being a Coxswain in Holland: A Story from Dave Payne

Working for Sparks the past five years, I've held a lot of different roles: from starting as a counselor at our domestic camps to being Program Manager for trips abroad. Truth be told, the most difficult role I've ever had was that of a [...]

Discover Sparks Consulting’s New Zealand Adventure Camp

Sparks Consulting's New Zealand Adventure Camp is a three-week program that offers an introduction to the possibilities presented by cross-cultural training in a beautiful location. The program takes place over the New Zealand school holidays, [...]

Sparks Winter Rowing Camps Provide Unique Experiences

At Sparks Consulting, we develop the rowing community with unparalleled collegiate guidance counseling, rowing camps, and coxswain education. Our Olympians and former collegiate coaches have one goal: to inspire.  This December, we are [...]

Train Like an Elite: 10 Tips from Wesley Ng

Wesley Ng, Women’s Head Coach at the University of Pennsylvania and U-23 National Team Selection Camp, gave an informative and inspirational talk at Sparks's Penn Rowing Camp about the similarities and differences between a U-23 National [...]

My Experience as a Sparks Rowing Camp Counselor: A Holistic Approach

I’m an elite rower, training at Vesper Boat Club.  Though I have been working in marketing at Sparks Consulting for five years, this is my first involvement in a Sparks Rowing Camp. Staying on campus at the University of Pennsylvania, [...]

Top Ten Reasons to Attend a Rowing Camp (Outside of Your Home Club)

One of the major themes of this blog, beyond simply rowing camps, is the importance of attending a camp outside of your normal club or program. Below are 10 reasons to not only attend a rowing camp, but to attend one in a new location. (There [...]