Athlete Metrics

Holistic Athlete Profiles

Rowing performance metrics have come a long way in the last five years. These advancements can now provide rowers with valuable data about their efficiency, technique, power, and potential on the erg and on the water. Sparks’ measured feedback system combines NK’s new on-water measurement technology with ergometer data to create holistic athlete profiles for each camper. These profiles allow campers and coaches to understand a camper’s strengths and weaknesses relative to top recruiting standards. They also help coaches to provide more accurate and individualized feedback during camp.

In addition to the profiles, campers receive a six-week training program attuned to their specific fitness profile. Additional scoring and training programs are available after the first six weeks.

Metrics Follow-Up

The metrics follow-up program is an add-on designed for individuals who want more assistance interpreting their profile and training results. After the first six week training program, campers may resubmit their ergometer numbers and receive a new profile. The new profile will include a second six-week training program designed to reinforce the first. Interested campers should register for the metrics follow-up program immediately after camp to secure a spot.

How It Works

Campers schedule a 30 minute consult to review preliminary results and outline new goals and generate a new training program. Included is another 30 minutes of e-mail follow-up or questions if necessary. Sparks recommends scheduling the consult towards the end of the first six week training program, so coaches can identify any issues before the second round of testing. Sparks will then use the testing results to prepare the second profile and new training program.

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