Our Purpose: To connect and develop the rowing community

4 Things you should know about Rowing Camps Search:

1. It was founded in 2012 with the philosophy that the rowing community develops best via competition.

2. The ranking algorithm weights volume of reviews first followed by quality then freshness - thus incentivizing getting reviews on site.

3. It is owned by Sparks Consulting - a guidance and college counseling firm for rowing athletes that also runs rowing camps.

4. Camp directors are ultimately responsible for their updating their information. We also have a data team that attempts to gather information and filter inappropriate reviews.

At Sparks, we're often asked, "what camp should I send my son or daughter [or even myself] to?" Our answer is that it very much depends on your goals. We've attempted to discuss exploring rowing camp goals on our journal site in depth.

This site is designed to let the best camps and coaches shine while providing a quick, free, independently reviewed sorting utility for those who "just need to find a good camp." In doing so, it fulfill's Sparks' mission of developing the community and pushes everyone forward.