Coxswains Only Camp 2016 Overview

The focus is exclusively on coxswains

This is a rowing camp where coxing skills are the only focus.

Sparks ‘rents’ the team: boats and athletes (and they win too, with a fundraiser.) Entire on water practices are spent on absolutely everything that goes with being the ninth seat. The art of steering, command structure, docking, dealing with conditions, and interpreting drills are only the tip of the iceberg. Coxswains only gives us a chance to focus more intensely on the advanced curriculum (see below) we’ve developed and use at our summer camp at Wesleyan, winter camp in San Diego, and fill a need we’ve seen from many coxswain and college counseling clients.

Be sure to read the blog from our coxswains only camp.

Advanced coaching from elite coxswains

As coxswains know, there’s very few elites out there -- and even then, the education received can be hard to come by because it can’t be done on the water in the course of a normal practice. Our coxswain coaches are some of the top in the world. They have been to the world championships and the Olympics. They’ve given years of their lives -- both young and adult -- to the seat.

Even though we could hold a camp similar to this without this staff and make it revolutionary given the concept of exclusive coxswain focus, we believe our staff rounds camp up to the best level of coxswain coaching in the world.

A curriculum years in the making

We made a decision early on at Sparks to help coxswains by taking a serious look at creating a concrete system for coxswain education and employing it via our camps and virtual coxswain coaching and college counseling. After years of fine-tuning and employing this system we’re happy to utilize the best pieces in person.

Coxswains can expect to learn in much the same way doctors do rounds in teaching hospitals. They will be put in small groups with their attending coach and present to the group during on water exercises throughout the week.

Awareness: We believe awareness is the most important aspect of coxing because all coxswains are self-taught. We learn from our surroundings -- from what our coaches and athletes are saying, and what we’re feeling and seeing inside, outside, and around the shell. Our curriculum emphasis awareness via daily, detailed analysis of everything from digital recordings to inward reflections during training.

Steering: Steering is absolutely essential for coxswains: the fastest distance between two points is a straight line. Beyond that, safety and shell integrity are at stake. We utilize buoyed and non-buoyed courses as well as teach steering in different wind conditions. The curriculum also addresses turns for head racing.

Organization: We teach coxswains how to organize their boats effectively on the water and off to make sure they’re running efficient and effective practices and maximize potential boat speed. We measure organization by making sure that coxswains communicate clearly and effectively to achieve objectives and goals established by coaches and the team.

Direction: If you can’t hear your commander on the battlefield, chaos will ensue; coxswains must construct clean and effective command structures. Coxswains are shown how to most effectively give a command and execute it in real-time scenarios on the water. Coxswains are also taught how to evaluate their audio recordings to find their own personal structure.