Summer Rowing Camp2016 Middletown Overview

Why Middletown?

We’re essentially offering the same camp in Connecticut and Seattle -- however, we thought it would be nice to briefly differentiate between the two. Our camp in Middletown is based entirely at Wesleyan University, was our first rowing camp, and is still our flagship. Middletown has an apt name in that it is right smack in the middle of the biggest rowing population in America, and offers easy access for campers and coaches alike. Wesleyan’s dorms and dining facilities are top in class, and the boathouse is walkable from campus. That said, we can’t make snide remarks about the quality of the coffee.

The best coach to camper ratios in the country.

This camp’s mission is inspire and raise athletic and personal awareness via access to a large array of top quality head and senior assistant coaches in a smaller summer camp format to meet campers on their specific level.

Extending our guidance and college counseling mission, Sparks Rowing Camp was created for high school student-athletes who wanted an opportunity to grow and connect with our sport. Our rowing camp approach implements the largest number of hours of one-on-one coaching time with our campers in the US. Given the differing needs of young athletes coming to camp, and our short time together, we see this as the most effective path to excitement and results. This ratio gives young athletes access to a large selection of educators who typically work as head or top assistant coaches with large, top-ranked nationally and internationally competitive teams.

The camps provide us with an ideal way to fulfill our mission of connecting young athletes with high-end exposure in terms of rowing development. The goal of this rowing camp is to ‘spark’ (forgive us) more passion for the sport and increase each student’s ability to pursue rowing with all-star coaching and education. We enjoy running slightly smaller summer rowing camps than others; as such we included a third week in Seattle instead of increasing our size in Middletown. This is important given these camps serve as the start of a relationship for many families with our company.

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A Coxswain Development Camp

If you’re considering our coxswain camp at Middletown, which is integrated with the rowing camp --- we urge you to watch the film we made about our curriculum, designed by US Olympic coxswain Marcus McElhenney and US Junior team coxswain coach Laura Simon amongst other elite coxswains.

We are beyond passionate about working with coxswains.

We see so many kids who are thirsty for guidance but are unsure about how to develop as coxswains or perhaps go through the recruiting cycle. There’s a real need in our community for coxswain education; therefore, we have created the first coxswain-specific development camp and have interlaced it with our rowing camp.

(The Middletown integrated coxswain camp differs from our coxswains only camps in that it does have many training components just for coxswains, but the water time is specifically geared toward intensive boat coaching first. The coxswains only camps on the other hand is all about coxing exclusively. )

At Middletown we work to give coxswains the standards and tools they need to consciously evaluate their skills and to improve dramatically. Coxswains will cox, spend time with a four-point system of one-on-one technical evaluations with our coxing staff, and will attend small group seminars to discuss tapes, calls, steering, drills, and recruiting as they relate to their specific level.

Rowing camp that produces fun and results

Coaches at our camp have an incentive to educate at the highest level possible, which makes a significant difference in terms of kindling an atmosphere where the focus is on our campers, first and foremost.

Each of our staff has made rowing the focus of their lives, and each has enjoyed and been successful at it. And each one also understands how important it is to pass the torch. Thanks to our structure, they are able to do exactly that on a very real level.

From mandatory fun time to private coaching and from work in teams to downtime in the dorms, we see our rowing camp as a place where campers can find their place in rowing and be challenged to grow as athletes and as individuals.