Winter Sweep Rowing Camp Overview

Our winter sweep camp in Tampa is a small, intensive 4 day camp open to all but designed for athletes with at least one semester of rowing experience who’d like to find insight and an edge before the spring season and/or USRowing ID camps. Our summer rowing camps are about helping athletes connect better with the sport, and Tampa is a shorter (the camp is 4 days) but more intense (athletes train three times a day) extension of that format.

We seek to engage athletes to have an active mind in Tampa, which can be particularly important during the monotonous winter months in our sport. This can mean in depth discussions of everything from nutrition to current training trends in our sport. We employ head and senior assistant collegiate coaches. Our staff is committed. Some are Olympians, some have coached national teams, and all currently work full-time in rowing. We employ our proven standards with good ratios and private coaching.

Be sure to read the winter camp blog from last year’s camp.

Skilled Coxswain Development

We’ve set aside a small number of slots in Tampa for coxswains to work in their own program on and off the water. To get the most out of our short time at camp, we expect coxswains in Tampa to be on point and organized from moment one. We implement our coxswain coaching in Tampa with our open-source coxswain curriculum, designed over four years by multiple national team coxswains to arm coxswains with the skills to develop themselves over the course of their career.

(The Tampa integrated coxswain camp differs from our winter coxswains only camps in that it does have many training components just for coxswains, but the water time is specifically geared toward intensive boat coaching first. The coxswains only camp on the other hand is all about coxing exclusively.)

We are beyond passionate about working with coxswains and have put specific thought into meeting their needs in Tampa. Coxswains will cox, review audio, and learn specific mechanisms for better steering, awareness,  organization, and commands.

National Team Quality Staff

The enthusiasm and requests we received after our summer camp made us decide to take a stab at providing a fun (albeit intense) winter rowing experience for folks who simply wanted to get on the water, ramp up for the coming season, and enjoy learning and guidance. Ideally, athletes will be stimulated enough by camp to be more present to their everyday training as they work into the spring.

Tampa’s camp staff may be well placed in terms of rowing, but all of them are well versed in the national team selection and development process and are happy to work with any and all considering junior national team ID camp later in the winter or competitive summer programs beyond that of normal five day camps.