College Counseling for Student-Athletes

The sport-specific admissions and recruiting process presents special challenges.

We have almost a decade of experience in college counseling for athletes.

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Needs Assessment

The first step for every new college counseling client is a Needs Assessment.  

This is a conversation between potential client and counselor to explore your needs in depth, identify deliverables, and determine whether or not our services are right for you. This is the first step to working with Sparks.

The relationship between client and counselor is critical, and this is our opportunity to be certain that we have a good match.

We also understand you want to invest your time and money wisely. We welcome the opportunity for you to interview us in regards to our experience and qualifications.

Proposal for College Counseling 

After needs assessment, families receive a proposal that covers assessment of the athlete's situation relative to the college process, suggested timeline of actions and deliverables through admissions, and suggestions on strategy for the process. 

Every plan is personalized and aims to actively support clients through officially finalizing their athletic choices and receiving a letter of admission. Plans can also be broken into pieces. 

Some examples of deliverables include: 

     • Evaluation of athletic and academic metrics to define all opportunities 

     • Development of a college short-list with real possibilities

     • Academic and athletic timelines for the process

     • Essay and application support

     • Development of a strategy plan for reach schools

Blending College Counseling and Athletic Expertise

We started a college counseling firm a decade ago as former collegiate coaches. Now, many of us hold Masters in Education. 

Athletic recruiting is broken as an institution. It does not value student experience or education.

We help families flip the script on athletic recruiting. Find all prospect school opportunities available. Scout them with your needs in mind. Then select the one where benefit for all involved (school, team, and you) is greatest. 


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Counseling Supplements

Supplemental packages vary by sport and recruiting goals. They occur after baseline and/or specialized counseling packages are completed. Two examples of more popular supplements - communication and subjective evaluation - are described below. 

Clients may also work with us on an hourly basis after finishing a Needs Assessment and a baseline or specialized counseling package. 

Communication Supplement

Some student athletes seek advice on how to communicate effectively with coaches. While our advice is simply to be honest, we recognize it seems and can be more complex than that. As such, we work with clients to help them communicate effectively and effeciently via e-mail. 

Beyond e-mail prep, we also help student athletes prepare for school visits and interviews via assessment, trial, and feedback. 

We do not communicate with coaches on behalf of student-athletes. Most coaches would prefer to communicate directly with recruits given the maturity and character requirements most if not every coach integrates into their talent identification process. 

The recruiting process could and should be equated to the first serious job interview many students undergo. 

Subjective Evaluation Supplement

Sports that are subjectively evaluated (i.e. athletic metrics are not utilized as singular or primary talent indicators) may require things like game film, specialized camps or evaluations, recruiting services, and an athletic resume. 

Greater publicity in the collegiate athletic recruiting process is only helpful to a handful of athletes. As such, investing in a recruiting service to publicize your video and stats has a wide range of return on investment depending on your sport, your position, and the type of collegiate experience you're seeking. 

Our counselors and research helps clients cut through the wide range of information available and determine what is really pertinent to their specific situation before we help them move to engage appropriate materials or services.